So you just plunked down a lot of money for Salesforce … Now what do you do?

Visit Solasis for Salesforce resources and training or become one of my group of five (maximum, EVER!) Salesforce small business clients. Let me help you get your Salesforce org up and configured to MAKE YOU MONEY!

Because …

  • You are a smart group; you just need some help getting oriented with Salesforce and seeing some return on your investment.
  • Your goal is to be able to do this yourself – but you don’t know how to get started.
  • You need someone who’s worked on lots of different Salesforce projects and built all kinds of business processes, to help you get your business implemented.
  • You need numbers! How much? How many? You need data! You need proof.
    Quickly, please.
  • You like to build things on the computer and you have taught yourselves all kinds of things so far.
  • You want the benefit of experience with many different projects to help you get the most out of Salesforce.

With my course, you get

  • Someone who’s built dozens of Salesforce applications. I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ll help you avoid some common pitfalls in your Salesforce org.
  • Someone to show you Salesforce with examples so that you can understand each concept and master it yourself.
  • Someone with multiple training tools and resources available, whether you are a visual learner, prefer to listen to recordings, or need worksheets to master what you learn.

To help you learn Salesforce the course has:

  • Tons of tips and tricks to fast-track you to doing it yourself.
  • Updates on the most recent release each year, so you can stay on top of new features and get more of what you need.
  • Trouble-shooting and problem solving. The course can help you get unstuck and solve tricky problems.
  • The variety and the example-driven lessons make the course easy to learn and fun.

Now you might be thinking …

We can figure it out ourselves

Well, maybe. I figured a lot of Salesforce out by myself too, but I learned faster when other people taught me. Let me help you learn what I know more quickly.

We can’t afford to invest the time

You’re going to be working with Salesforce anyway. Why not add a small business-focused Salesforce support person to teach you as you master each new concept?

We don’t have the money

Salesforce is definitely an investment. Learn how to get the most out of its native features to see return on that investment. Save costly development work by learning waht you can accomplish with the declarative (point-and-click) interface.

We already know how to do it

There’s always more to learn. I’m always learning Salesforce. I learned from building this course. You’ll learn faster and more usefully with a guide.


I only want to work where I can bring value. I’ve heard people say that Salesforce “can do anything!” and “can look like anything!”.

Not quite. For a good amount of extra money, you can customize Salesforce to do just about anything. But a completely customized solution is your goal, then your business may not be a good candidate for Salesforce.

If you are willing to use the declarative functionality and either the two-column classic layout or a Lightning page wherever possible … if you use correct architecture to represent your data so that your Salesforce org requires minimal code … then you can enjoy speed and power, get your numbers and analytics, and focus on something else besides babysitting for your CRM.

It’s not that I never recommend customization; I know when it’s necessary. But I emphasize the speed, efficiency, and correctness of the existing Salesforce platform. If that sounds like your view of Salesforce, then this courseis for you.

The course will give you the right Salesforce knowledge to help you right folks take advantage of a really good tool.

If you purchase a course from Solasis and do not find it fully satisfactory, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to notify me. Provide evidence that you have done the coursework, and I’ll correct it or provide a full refund.

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