Whether you’re a Salesforce user by trade, by necessity, or just dappling, you’ll discover that calling Salesforce a “CRM” is missing some of its innate super powers. Salesforce is software as a service. Mastering its ability to build business applications — the way my son used to build Lego panoramas — will help you earn more money and put you on a stellar career path.

The ideal Salesforce user knows how to take advantage of every bit of the point-and-click capabilities. She can build out business processes with ease and precision, and is a darn good trouble-shooter too.

However You Became A Salesforce User …

Maybe you are your company’s Über-Admin already … and since you do everything else, they added one more responsibility to your job description.

Maybe you’d like to learn Salesforce because your company is using it. Or you know someone who is a Salesforce Admin and you have a hunch it would be a great career for you.

But most likely, you’re already a pretty good Salesforce Admin, and you sense there’s a lot more you could be doing if you knew more of its inner workings and features. You may have even gone to Salesforce Admin 201 training, but you still feel like you only know a smidgeon of what Salesforce will do.

I’m so excited you’re here on my site because …

  • Salesforce is fun and you’ll improve your skills quickly with exercises and projects, fun-sheets, tips, and templates you can apply to your Salesforce org right now.
  • Learn how to use validation and workflow, record types, and page layouts in a way that makes it much easier for your users to follow the processes,  reduces bad data input, increases adoption, and decreases grumbling.
  • Understand just how powerful “declarative” (point-and-click) Salesforce is. This is the good stuff, the reason Salesforce is such a great product, and everything you need to know to be a great Salesforce Admin.
  • Create Salesforce Reports that provide answers and Salesforce Dashboards that incur devotees. I’ll teach you the three things you should check for first when you don’t see the report results you expect; how to use summaries, joined reports, cross-filters, and buckets; and how to build dashboards that’ll go viral.
  • Learn the same concepts and processes taught in other Salesforce Admin classes and covered by the Salesforce Admin 201 certification exam.
  • “Level up” if you’re already a Salesforce Admin and want to be seen more as a Commander and Doer.
  • Learn tips and tricks to trouble-shoot and resolve issues quickly, where to go for resources, and which resources are best for which types of issues.
  • Meet Custom Applications: the “free square” of Salesforce! Learn to build awesome custom apps and automate your business in ways you always wanted.
  • Join our Facebook Group, where we share projects and ideas, and trouble-shoot together. You can learn from each other in privacy and safety of this group.
  • Get to the bottom of dataloading, formulas, and much more that you might not have realized you could master!
  • Qualify for a better salary because a Salesforce Admin with chops has a good shot at all kinds of good jobs (I’ll show you resources to find them).

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Join me and get ahead in the cloud!