Salesforce AmbassadorIn 2009, I started Salesforce working in the Service Cloud. The more I learned, the more I liked the tool. It’s fast, intuitive, and fun.

When it comes to contact relationship management and software as a service, if solving puzzles, organizing things, and keeping everything running smoothly is your goal, Salesforce is a great tool for you.

Even if you have doubts about Salesforce right now, I can show you how to set it up to do lots of things that will make your job easier.

From the first time I saw a Salesforce org … exploring the built-in functionality … building my first custom object, my first workflow rule … passing my first certification exam … my first dashboard that was a success …

I had help and great teachers along the way and I’d like to share all I’ve learned. Salesforce is a great tool!

How about you?

Are you a “Wanna-Be” Salesforce Admin?

  • you’ve heard of Salesforce, or …
  • your company uses Salesforce and you’d like to get involved, or maybe …
  • you have a friend who’s a Salesforce Admin and it seems like a pretty good career?

Are you a “Have-To” Salesforce Admin?

Your company bought Salesforce and you’re the one who gets to manage it. Yay! Maybe Salesforce is another in your long list of responsibilities, but in either case, you need to learn it FAST!

This is the category I was in when I took that great job in 2009. I wanted that job and they were using Salesforce, so I learned it as I went along.

Whether you want to learn how to administer or get the most out of Salesforce, participate as one of my regular clients or purchase one of my courses, Solasis is the place to go to get ahead in the cloud.